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I was born and raised in Rockland County. My mother had nine children: 7 boys in a row followed by two girls. I was third in line. My father worked long hours and many long years to provide for his family and was a volunteer fire fighter for more than 50 years. My mother went on to earn her Phd. and became an  nurse practitioner,  midwife, and professor of nursing. 


I graduated from Suffern High School, was an Eagle Scout , and attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where I was Captain of the NCAA Wrestling Team, and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation. 

I served as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer in the 10th Mountain Infantry Division, was Airborne, Ranger, qualified and retired at the rank of Captain. 

I had a career as a managed care specialist and sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry and received a Masters Degree in Biotechnology from Penn State University.  

I am currently the primary care giver for my mother who has a chronic illness. 

I was one of the founding organizers of Preserve Ramapo/Rockland and have continued in that role for for nearly 20 years helping create the Preserve vote as a counterweight to the Hasidic Bloc vote in Rockland county. 

I have run for local office several times,  always against long odds, and often because simply needed candidates on the ballot.  

I'm a sitting member of the Rockland County Planning Board for 8 years,  consistently voting against applications that do not conform closely to the zoning code. 

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